Classes on Trains in India

Traveling by Indian trains in India is a special experience that give you to see real life of Indian from your train window, when you travelling by train and enter one state to another state you will find different colors, traditional, festival, clothes and their food, everyday millions of people travel by train from one place to another place. Indian railway is one of the largest and biggest rail networks in the world. Indian Railways runs approximately 20000 passengers trains including long-distance and suburban routs and more than 8000 freight trains daily.

1A First class AC:

This class ticket is more expansive in Indian railways tickets where the price is similar par with air tickets. In First class 08 Cabins (Two coupes) in the full Air Conditioners class and 03 cabins (including one coupe) in the half AC First Class coach. In First AC class Indian railway provide an coach attendant who help passengers during the train Journeys. In ticket price bedding cost is included by Indian railway. This class is available only in long distance trains, high demand or some popular routes. It can carry eighteen Passengers in full coach or Ten passengers in Half coach.  In first AC have sleeping accommodation along with private features and coaches are carpeted on floor.

2A AC-Two tier:  

In this class you will find air-conditioned coaches with sleeping berths in eight bays. Coach berths are set in two tiers in bays or Berths are set in two tiers in bays of six, four across the width of the coach and two berths long ways on the other side of the corridor, there is a curtain for privacy or features like mobile chargers and other services.  Accommodation and bedding is included in this class fare.  02nd AC Class can carry more 48 passengers in full Coach or 20 passengers in half coach. This class is available long distance or overnight journeys trains like Express and mail trains.

 3A AC three-tier:

This class is more popular on the Indian railway, this class provides the cheapest fare with more comfortable. This class is similar to 02nd AC full air-conditioned and can carry 64 sleeping berths or passengers. You will find this class seats only broad gauge lines.

AC Executive Class (EC):  

this is also an Air-conditioned coach with large spacious seats and legroom divided in two by two. It is the highest quality for traveling in an armchair. There are four seats in one row, you will find AC Executive class most of Shabtdi train runs between two cities and used by business people tourists like Shatabdi and Gatiman Express

AC Chair Car (CC): 

this class is full Air Conditioned seats with a total of five seats in a row; It has 2 rows, usually 3 and 2, of reclining seats (a little, they don’t even lie down) with air conditioning. They are available on shorter and faster routes. They also usually offer some food included in the ticket price, they will serve food during the journey. But some trains they have AC chair Car coaches do not offer meals during the journey like Janshatabdi trains or intercity express.

FC First-class:

These classes same as the first AC (1A) but without Air conditioning. You will find this class of seats in narrow gauges trains runs on hills or mountains like Shimla, Darjeeling, Ooty, No bedding facility in this class, seats are wide and more comfortable like other trains, but there no Personal attendant available in this class during your Journeys

Sleeper Class (SL):

The sleeper class is the most popular and cheapest class on the Indian railways, most of train rake 10-12 coaches of sleeper class can be attached, most of indian travel by this class and it is the non-air-conditioned class. You will find regular sleeping coaches during the night Journeys with 03 births are vertically stacked. During the day the middle seats disappears and people sit in the lower seat, although people traveled the day lying in the upper seat without problems (they usually use it to put luggage). There are many vendors at almost any time, it has a lot of food. You will find a sleeper class on long-distance trains.

Second Sitting (2S).

Unlike the rest, places cannot be reserved here (although we had some that the place was written on the ticket and therefore without problems to sit down). They are the most varied wooden or padded seats and sleeper style seats beds.


This is the cheapest accommodation, the seats are usually made up of pressed wood in older coaches but there is no guarantee for seats and tickets are valid for 24 hours of buying, this tickets is valid for any trains run on this route.