Varanasi: Private Day Tours, City Sightseeing, Excursion & Activities

Varanasi is the spiritual Hindu city from ancient India. This holy city is located on the banks of the great river Ganges in the state of Uttar Pradesh where” ancient old religious bathing into the river and cremation rituals in the holy river ghats are a daily life. Many of these ghats, more than two hundred in all, are associated with myth and legend, according to which the Dashashwamedh, The greatest and most spectacular of the Varanasi ghats, was created by the Hindu god Lord Brahma to welcome Lord Shiva. Here you will see worshiper comes from around the world entering the Ganges river to purify themselves of their sins. Daily when the sun rise from dark see people comes to ghats and gathering along the river as they offers pray to the rising sun with flowers. Every day in the evening the colorful aarti ceremony takes place on the famous Dashashwamedh ghat on river Ganges where the river is worshiped by candles and marigold flowers. While here, take time to walk through the old town of Benaras, with its narrow alleys, busy markets, and colorful temples. At its center is the beautiful temple of Vishwanath.

Scenic India Tours is design Tour package for Varanasi which includes all the interesting temples and monuments sites of tourist interest like religious, cultural, Historical sites, Buddhist sites as well as beautiful Gardens and Lakes that would simply leave an unforgettable mark on your mind.