India Wildlife Tour

India wildlife tours – India is home of approximately more than four hundred of species of mammals with the Bengal tigers and also almost one thousand of species of birds and more than three hundred species of reptiles, amphibians, a wide range of flowers and insects and. Explore wildlife in the intense forests of India. You will be pleased by the sight of majestic Bengal tigers, elephants and rhinos stomping their way through the tall grasslands of a national park in India. A wildlife tour in India will provide you to explore all these attractive landscapes including wild creatures and explore natural pathways inhabited by rare birds and insects. India’s diverse landscapes and climatic variety are reflected in its many national parks and sanctuaries The country supports a wide range of both unique indigenous species and those that pass through their annual migrations. India is the home to more than a dozen species of cats, india is the only country in the world where you can spot tiger and lion in wild.

India Wildlife tour focus on natural scenery in India, known for its spectacular rivers, well-known jungles, and attractive wildlife including the Majestic royal Bengal Tigers. Wildlife tours include Jungle drives through Cobett National park, Ranthambore Natoinal Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh Tigers Reserve , Sundarban National park, this is park where you can spot Royal Bengal Tigers, Sasan Gir National park in Gujarat where you can spot the Asian Lion this is only park in india where lives lions, Kaziranga National Park located in state of Assam to spot the one horned rhino. Periyar National park where you can enjoy elephant safari, It is located in South india state Kerala, Tadoba National Park also known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger park situated in state of Maharashtra- it is famous for Tigers and Hemis National Park located in Ladakh which is the high altitude national park in the world area of around 4400 sq kilometer, this national park located east region of Ladakh. It is shelters around 250 Snow leopard maximum number in the world.