India Pilgrimage Tour

India Pilgrimage Tour, India! The very word possesses magic, a hint of the mysterious orient, a gateway to wonders yet unfathomed, a bridge to another dimension. It is not exactly like that.. but it is certainly true that for centuries, India has held a unique place in the world as a land of pilgrimage as magnet for spiritual seekers.

Haridwar: it is considered as the Gateway of God or chardham yatra, In Haridwar Har-Ki-Pauri is the most famous landmark in Haridwar, thousands of pilgrims come here everyday to tak bath in the holy Ganga and wash away their sins. A“ Har” means Lord Shiva and “Pauri” means steps, as per ancient (vedic) time God shiva and God Vishnu are visited Har -Ki- Pauri

Varanasi: a brief history of Varanasi as per famous writer said Benars is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legends, benaras or kashi or Varanasi is one of the oldest city in the world, this land of Kashi has been ultimate pilgrimage spot for hindus and Buddhist, Benaras is the land of salvation as per the hindu mythology one whose grace to die on the land of Varanasi would attain freedom from cycle of birth and reborn, another belief of people proposes if you take bath in river ganga on bank of Kash, it washes sin away from body. Bodhgaya is famous Buddhist pilgrimage in the world located in the Bihar, this is the place where lord budha came enlightenment under the bodhi tree. The place of now the site of famous mahabodhi temple complex, the town houses of dozen of Buddhist monasteries and Amritsar Golden Temple – which is holiest capital of Sikhs.

Mata Vaishno Devi set to be holiest temple in world, temple is dedicated to shakti and situated in the hill vaisno Devi in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Mata vaisno devi resides in the cave located in the height of 5000 ft. it is believe strongly that cannot reach the place without the call of mata if maa call the person he/she complete the journey successfully with her blessings. Kedarnath Temple – Kedarnath located holy town in Uttrakhand in rudra Himalayan range. It’s a thousand years old temple constructed in massive stone and home to lord shive in form of Jyotilingam or cosmic light. Kedarnath

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